Q: Can I bring these into [pick any country other than the USA]?

A: A great question that we get all the time. Unfortunately, because of governmental restrictions, our policy is that we will only ship our PLANT products to USA destinations. Of course, MANY of our customers purchase our products at retail outlets in the islands and take their plant with them in their carryon or in their checked baggage. In fact, we have heard stories of folks who succeeded in bringing our products into countries far away, such as in Europe; the Orient; Canada; so we know that it's possible.

Each country has their own regulations though, and we also have heard of our plant products being quarantined or even confiscated by officials. Some places won't let our plants in, period, such as Australia. 

Bottom line: If you buy it here in Hawaii and take it with you, it's at your own risk (you may be successful...then again, you may not). But we can't ship it to you. We're very sorry about this.

Posted on May 26, 2013 .