Q: I bought your seeds from Amazon.com. Can't your seed counters count past 23?

This question requires some background. Seems that someone took to re-selling our products on Amazon.com...hijacked our pictures and everything. Then, in the description, said that each package of lilikoi (Hawaiian passion fruit) contained 30 seeds. This question (and it's not really a FAQ, since he's the only person who asked it) came to us with the suggestion that we teach our seed counter to go past 23, because that's how many seeds he got.

A: Some folks have more time on their hands than others, evidently <smile>. To each their own. The real answer of course is that we don't sell on Amazon, or EBay, or any place else online. All the other places you see our stuff online comes from middlemen. Stick with the source, (us).

Posted on May 26, 2013 .