Legal Matters

Here is where we list the necessary legal information regarding liabilities, refunds, disclaimers and other legal-ese mumbo jumbo that must be said, mostly for the benefit of those who enjoy life in courtrooms.

If you have any issues with us, our business, or our business practices please let us know quickly and let's handle it peaceably.

From the lawyers:

To the best of our ability, we have interpreted what the lawyers have told us. Below are the actual legal documents that you must accept in order to use our website.


Our website(s) offer products and services for sale. We may also offer training and services for the purpose of advertising and promoting. These activities are usually relevant to consumers who want to enjoy products and experiences related to Hawaii. Unfortunately, unrealistic expectations from potential customers and even some customers can basically make a lot of trouble for us. So in the spirit of this, please read the following terms we thought may not be immediately apparent to every visitor of our website. We hope that this page clarifies for you what expectations we can and cannot be responsible for.

Are your products for real?

Yes. All products and services we feature are real. We have not earned our spot in business by lying, scamming or supplying inferior products. 

All our plants and products involve things commonly found here in the islands. We know a lot of practical information about these products because we grow and sell them. With that said, bear in mind that we are not botanical graduates. We refer (and sell them) using primarily their common names; not their botanical names. We do lots of research and provide you with the benefits of our observations and real-world experience. We enjoy these plants, and we find that over the years, countless visitors have enjoyed our plant products as well. 

The pictures on our website and our selling materials are REPRESENTATIVE of what your plant will likely look like when it's all grown up. Hawaii is botanically blessed.  It's what makes these islands special.  Because of this, there are a lot of different varieties, shapes and colors to the general plant products we sell.  So if yours doesn't look EXACTLY like what was pictured, we're sorry about that.  We're not trying to pull a fast one, we're just asking you to be reasonable and realistic.

Just because we sell a product or recommend a service to you, doesn't mean that you NEED it. We thought that this was obvious, but some customers weren't sure. Whether or not you purchase any of our products or services is entirely up to you. The primary thrust of our business is to provide our customers with products that remind them of the beauty of Hawaii. So please, if purchasing an ornamental plant will break your bank and cause your children to starve, please don't purchase our products or services. 

We respect the environment, but we are not fanatics or political about it. Some of our products grow profusely and may endanger other plant species. We feel that the primary way which our products are used when purchased by customers are as ornamental plants in contained areas - which are primarily INDOORS. The fact that we sell an item in no way expresses an opinion or takes a position on any issue involving the environment, or any other topic. 

We are not responsible for 3rd party products or services that we distribute or recommend. In many cases we sell, distribute or recommend products or services provided by others. We do our best to check the qualities of these products and services. We may have happy customers, or have ourselves been satisfied consumers of the things we recommend. However, this in no way means that we are responsible in case you are unsatisfied with the product or service they offer. In our recommendation, we may send you directly to a website not owned or controlled by us. When that happens, these terms and conditions no longer apply to you. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions of any subsequent websites or business you visit. We will do our best to recommend products and services that have a pretty straightforward guarantee/replacement process. But if for some reason you are unhappy with a 3rd party product or service we recommend, you should take it up with that product/service's vendor. When we promote the products and/or services of others (either passively or actively), we usually try to get a referral commission. The exact amount varies from product to product and service to service. This does not mean that we receive a commission in each instance. In some cases, we may promote a product that we have never tried. Ultimately, you will need to decide for yourself if something we sell/recommend is for you.

We are not responsible for any criminal misuse of our information. The information here is provided for educational purposes and must not be used in conjunction with any illegal, border-line illegal, or criminal activities. In addition, we do not give permission for this content to be used to promote gambling, pornography, and debt services from an ethical and moral standpoint. Frankly, we really don't understand how our products and services can be used for such nefarious and questionable intent, but I guess we are just innocent toward such things.

We do not guarantee that you will ever succeed in growing our products.  It is impossible for us to know if you will do well in caring for your product or not. Some of you will have products that will ultimately fail because of things that are not under our control. Plus, plants are living things. We cannot guarantee that something alive will not die. We wish we could, but we can't.


At this time, we recognize that other (independent) vendors purchase our products for the purpose of resale. We have no affiliation with these vendors, and no control over how they sell our products.

Trademarks & Copyrights:

We certainly don't intend to infringe on the trademarks or copyrights of others. If you believe that we have infringed on any of your rights, please let us know right away so that we can resolve this.


Our policy is that we do not issue refunds unless (for some reason) too much money was collected by us.

Unhappy Customers:

We are in business. The worst thing we could do is to anger and frustrate people. We want you to be happy with us. We want to earn your trust and future business. But if you're upset with us, our business or our business practices, then please accept our apology.

We'd like to do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer again. So before you take to the internet to trash us, please give us the opportunity to work on getting you satisfied. E-mail or call us and let us know what we can do to make you happy again.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

You may have read the part above about "no refunds" and wonder how we can live up to our "satisfaction guarantee" that we consistently mention in our webstore, especially if we don't guarantee that our products will grow. Here's what we offer:

If you have one of our products and you experience some trouble with it, CALL or EMAIL US. Let us know what product you have, and tell us briefly what problem you have with it. We will gladly replace your product, provided you comply with our reasonable (but specific) instructions.

ast modified:  May 23, 2018.