"Effortless" 'Air' Plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum)

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"Effortless" 'Air' Plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum)



​We bet that one of the big draws of Hawaii is our world class beaches. The ancient Hawaiians must have also thought so too, because most of their villages were located along shore lines rather than in the mountains. So it makes sense that the ancient Hawaiians noticed these plants growing around their beaches. Perhaps you have too.

It's so easy!

Chances are, these are already sprouting in the packages. It's as if they don't need anything to grow in...that they can simply grow with air. Undoubtedly one of the reasons why we call them "air plants."​

Of course, what this means for you is that you should have little trouble growing these leaves. ​

So why not do what many of our customers have done, and get a few packs of these easy-growing, beach-loving leaves.​

They love Hawaiian beaches, you love Hawaiian beaches what could be a better match then that? Order your leaves today.​

Remember: With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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How to grow Air Leaves:

Lay your leaves on peat moss and perlite or good garden soil, preferably near a window with fresh air and good light. Keep the temperature between 50℉ to 70℉, because that's just perfect.

When it comes to watering your plant, following this watering practice is important:  Drench thoroughly then allow to become moderately dry between waterings.  

Finally, fertilize your air plant using a timed-release or garden fertilizer according to instructions.