Mouthwatering Guava (Psidium guajava)


Mouthwatering Guava (Psidium guajava)


An Island Favorite

Admittedly, the guava is known in many exotic locations across the globe. However, there is just something special about the guavas that you find here in Hawaii.​

It tastes better

That's our opinion, yours may differ. But we've tried both the fruit itself as well as products made from guavas that hail from other parts. You know what? Hawaiian grown is definitely world class. For one thing, the flesh of the fruit is pink in color. We've found that Caribbean and Mexican guavas tend to be white-fleshed. ​

The Hawaiian guava's also tend to carry a more robust, slightly "tart-er" taste, which we love. And we're not alone. Guavas are turned into jam, jellies, syrups and are also used to flavor cakes, pastries, ice cream  and other goodies - all enjoyed by Hawaii's populace and visitors alike.

Get your own grove started

Order a package (or two or three) of our world-famous guava seeds, and get your own grove started.​

Remember: Buy straight from us. We are the source. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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How to grow the Guava:

Plant the guava seeds 1/2" deep in a porous potting soil or soil mixture and keep it in a shaded area until it roots (a few weeks). Gradually move it into full sun, but be mindful to keep the temperature between 60℉ to 85℉. If you fertilize it with a general garden fertilizer (according to the instructions) it will do well. Remember to water it daily, especially if it is hot and dry where you live.