Delightful Kona Coffee (Coffea arabica)


Delightful Kona Coffee (Coffea arabica)

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$49.00 a pound, are you crazy?

A batch of authentic, 100% Kona-grown coffee is fetching a pretty penny these days. But it's no wonder...the volcanic soil, and the perfect elevation on the Western side of the Big Island of Hawaii form the ideal conditions for getting just the right taste into the beans. Add to that, the world-class roasting skill of coffee roasters here in the islands, and you get the perfect cup of Kona coffee.​

Did you know...

The coffee plant is related to the Gardenia. So before becoming ripe for the pickin', the flower of the coffee is pleasantly fragrant; very reminiscent of the Gardenia, of which it is a close cousin.​

Realistically, you may never embark on the task of growing enough beans to brew yourself more than a cup of the best stuff, but that said, the coffee plant is fun to grow. We sell them as seeds, or as a potted plant. Create your own mini-plantation of some of the world's best coffee. Order today.

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How to grow Kona coffee:

Pot (if they are seeds) or repot (if you bought the plant) in a sandy potting soil.  Keep soil moist and in partial shade.  Kona coffee likes to grow when it's kept in a temperature ranging between 60℉ to 80℉. Keep it fed with a general garden fertilizer (used according to the instructions) or with a timed-release fertilizer.  Very soon, you can have some Kona coffee growing in your home!