Palatable Papaya (Carica papaya)


Palatable Papaya (Carica papaya)


It's good for you!​

The papaya is a fruit that contains Vitamins as well as enzymes that help digestion. True, that in itself isn't a reason why you should eat them, but it underscores the fact that doing so isn't a bad idea. Now because there are restrictions on shipping fresh fruit out of the islands, most of you probably won't get to enjoy Hawaiian papaya in your home like we do in ours.​ No worries though, because you can...

​Grow your own

​Get a couple packs of our starter seeds and try your hand at agriculture. 

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How to grow Hawaii's Papaya fruit:

Plant the papaya seeds 1/2" deep in sandy soil mixed with organic matter. Papaya's need good drainage so that the roots don't rot. Water it daily and don't let things dry out, especially when the papaya plant is young otherwise it will die. Try to keep it in a temperature range between 70℉ to 85℉. If the temperature gets to be over 85℉, then place it in the shade. A general garden fertilizer, utilized according to the manufacturer's instructions will help your papaya grow up healthy.