Gorgeous Ginger (Alpinia purpurata)

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2013-06-08 14.16.59.jpg

Gorgeous Ginger (Alpinia purpurata)

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There's something alluring about the ginger sisters...red and pink. Both exhibit a beautiful, cylindrical cone of long-lasting flower-power. This makes it quite the prize and is sought after in many a floral arrangement. And both these gingers make a perfect representation of Hawaii. We think that the red well reflects the fact that these pretty islands were born from fire.

Pretty in Pink

Not to be outdone, the pink ginger also has its rabid fans. Sharing all the qualities of its cousin - the red ginger - it sports a lighter color that showcases Hawaii's lighter side.  

Neither of these gingers are known for having a scent, but we find that a fully developed flower does carry a very slight hint of a ginger smell. 

Why not find out for yourself and get the red, the pink or both! We sell both colors as root cuttings, or as growing plants. 

We know that you are gorgeous! Get a flower that matches you! Order today. 

And of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are, after all, the source! 

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How to grow Red or Pink Ginger:

Plant your cutting (or if you bought the plant, repot) in potting soil from the garden shop.  Keep moist and out of direct sunlight.  The ideal temperature range is 60℉ to 80. Feed it with a general garden fertilizer according to the instructions. The nice part about these gingers: Once they bloom, they'll continue to do so throughout most of the year.