Beautiful Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

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Beautiful Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

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Give someone the bird!

No, not that kind of bird!

Renown the world over for it's blue and orange crests, the Bird of Paradise certainly dresses for success! Unlike many other flowers, the Bird of Paradise can last a long time when cut, making it the perfect flower for grand (and not so grand) arrangements. And although some etiquette book out there somewhere may dictate the occasions that are appropriate for this flower, we haven't seen it. So we say this: It's a perfect flower to give (or get) anytime.

Cool looking seeds too!

Remember the cute boy or girl in school who also grew up to be the best looking person in college? (Don't you hate that?) Well, the Bird of Paradise has (in our opinion) the coolest looking seeds. Each seed is a small, hard globe, with a little tuft of bright orange "hair" that puffs out from a little opening in the hard shell. It's a cute preview of the grand beauty that it will grow up to be.

You can own (or gift) the beautiful plant and/or the cool looking seeds by placing your order today. We'll air express your order to your doorstep and you can take it from there.

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How to grow the Bird of Paradise:

Both the Bird of Paradise plant as well as the seeds enjoy being potted in a mixture of sandy loam that is kept moist but not sopping wet. Good drainage is very important.  Place in full sun. Ideally your Bird of Paradise should be given lots of water, a proper dose of general fertilizer (according to the instructions of the manufacturer), and kept in temperatures that don't dip below 65℉. In such conditions, the Bird of Paradise will grow vigorously and produce fine quality flowers.