Enchanting White Ginger (Hedychium coronarium)

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Enchanting White Ginger (Hedychium coronarium)

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It's a toss up! 

Which scent do you prefer, the Plumeria or the White Ginger?  Not an easy choice, since the white ginger carries with it a beautiful scent that's been popular ever since the white ginger was imported to the islands in the 19th century. Since then, it's been adopted into lei culture.

But it's not just leis...

The white ginger has become such a popular scent, that it's used in perfumes and beauty products too.  And do we even have to mention that the flower itself is a pretty one?

Yes indeed, this exquisite flower is popular for good reason. Whether you've never truly experienced the enchantment that is the white ginger, or if you have and you need to grow some more, get your white ginger from us.  

Remember: Buy direct from the source (that would be us) and cut out the middlemen. We want you to be a satisfied customer.

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 How to grow White Ginger:

Bury the root cutting in potting soil (like you get from the garden shop) deep enough so that it is covered. Keep everything moist. Once the root has sprouted, continue to keep things moist and in partial shade.  An east window sill will do just fine.  If you put your ginger outdoors for the summer, make sure it's somewhere that's shaded from direct sunlight. The temperature must range between 65℉ and  85℉. For nutrition, you can use a timed-release fertilizer or garden fertilizer according to the instructions. When the leaves turn yellow, don't panic, this is normal.  Just cut the stems and new shoots will take its place. Like most gingers, these do go dormant in the winter, but they do come back in the spring.