I would like to take a moment to recognize your company and the great joy Kanoa Hawaii brings to people.   I use to live in Hawaii in the 90’s  and then my company added Hawaii to my territory. When people know you are from Hawaii or you are going to Hawaii, they want Aloha.  I travel to Hawaii 4 times a year for business and am always given a Kanoa Hawaii shopping list from friends and Customers here in California. 

I am proud to say I have a few 6-foot-tall flowering Plumerias from your airport stands from many years ago.  I even have a Coffee Bean plant that I purchased about 5 years ago.  I am a bit of a plant freak and enjoy seeing the Hawaiian plants grow here in Orange County where we live.  My biggest reason for writing was to “Thank You” and your team for helping me with my last purchase of red Plumeria’s.  (can’t wait to see them in bloom)...

Again, thanks for your dedication to us folks who try and grow Hawaii on the Mainland. - Kye O. - Seal Beach, CA


We have a sunroom where the plumeria lives in the cold months. Your plumeria makes me very happy. I loved my stay in Hawaii and I think of it every time I look at the plant. - P. Parsells - NJ


*Note:  Plumeria was purchased in 2012, this note was written to us in 2016.

We bought the Bird of Paradise package of seeds on our visit to Hawaii a year and half ago. We immediately followed the directions on the package and got to planting when we returned home. Since then, the Bird of Paradise stalks are HUGE in our house. It stays in doors at all times with sunlight and regular watering as needed. It has not bloomed, but we have researched that it takes three to five years to see the first bloom. Were were thrilled with its progress! - The Grays - Fort Worth, TX

I was just visiting my family in San Diego and my Mom's Plumeria trees are HUGE a great testament to your 10" plumeria sticks ......Plus beautiful Ti leaves...All  from the tiny logs [we obtained] years ago!!! - K. Ricord - Montana

Hi, the white ginger is growing well in Los Angeles and looks healthy. - Steve - Los Angeles, CA

Just received my red plumeria and just wanted to let you know that..the leaves are as green as can be and looks very healthy thank-you again for shipping it so careful[ly]. You will be getting more orders from me again that's for sure. - Richard M. - Middleton, NY


I bought the plumeria as an anniversary present for my wife, who fell in love with these flowers when we were there.  She is so happy with it!  I attached a picture to show you how well it's doing in Michigan. - Thomas B. - Milan, MI

 Just wanted to let you know that I have a beautiful plumeria blossom from the stalk that my son bought me when he was in Maui. I was so thrilled that it bloomed as it is one of my favorite flowers. Thanks for picking out a good, productive one for him. - Delma E.

(From one of our many repeat customers...) 

just wanted to let you know that my Iconic coconut plant arrived as as always green and healthy as always , also thank- you so much for the alluring anthurium its beautiful, so now i need to order two more, thanks again for your kindness - Richard M. - Middletown, NY

Thank you so much for sending the five replacement plants. All five are growing and two are over a foot tall. I just want you to know how appreciative I am. - Carol R. - Palm Desert, CA. 

Aloha! Received order just moments ago. The best ever!!!!! Never have I, who have been visiting the Islands regularly over the past 25 years (Maui), have ever seen or received plants in such great shape, robust and vigorous. Thank you so much. I will do my best to raise them. I have 5 hibiscuses that I have grown from little slips I bought at the Honolulu airport and from Hawaiian nurseries but none have ever been as large and in such great shape. - Harrison S. - Las Vegas, NV

Grown from the root. Great job Lori J.!

Grown from the root. Great job Lori J.!

[Editor's note:  Sometimes there's not a lot of words said from our customers. Sometimes it's all said in a picture. Here's one from Lori J. from Michigan:]